Black and Blue began as a narrative script about three kids who are wronged by law enforcement and decide to stand for their rights.

As real-world events involving law enforcement became more terrifying than anything fiction could have conceived, the concept of a documentary became more realistic.

And then, six months into production, the death of Michael Brown happened in Ferguson, Missouri.


As with every documentary, Black and Blue was slowly cut down to meet a reasonable feature length runtime. These are the stories that were cut down or removed entirely for runtime or pacing purposes.


Black and Blue was originally intended to feature as many stories as possible, forming an almost overwhelming amount of evidence.

It was also intended to cover several aspects of the justice system, from failed homicide investigations to the War on Drugs. An interview was planned with Peter Christ, the founder of LEAP.

However, the events of Ferguson combined with interviewing ex-cop Alex Salazar sent the film in a direction that could not have been anticipated and dictated the remainder of production.

The people below were extremely helpful and accommodating and it is heartbreaking that they could not make it into the film, however, this is an opportunity for a much longer and much more gratifying look into their stories that the film never could have provided.